I read an article that described the top apps for any sports fan. The apps were mainly for the top five major sports: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and MLS. They all pretty much have the same concept. They all allow you to pick your favorite team and receive up to date scores and news about them. The NFL ‘12 app would really only be useful if you played fantasy football because you are always going to find a way to watch your team play.  The NFL ’12 doesn’t allow you to watch the game in its’ entirety but it does have highlights from the game. All of the other sports’ apps are the same. The WatchESPN app sums all of these apps up in one place and allows for viewers to watch the full game of their choice.  If you are at work (or even in class) you can use the WatchESPN app. All you have to do is put in your cable information and it is just like you are watching the game on TV at home. WatchESPN is also convenient for the college sports fans as well. All games that are played on any ESPN station can be viewed on this app. The last app I wanted to mention was the ESPN ScoreCenter. You literally view the scores from any major sporting event. This is good for people on the go who don’t have time to watch SportCenter in the morning on TV. Basically, all of the apps do the same thing except for WatchESPN and ESPN ScoreCenter. With these two apps, you have a lot more freedom and are not just restricted to one team. 

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